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Logo Embroidery For A New Year

May 21, 2018 Comments Off on Logo Embroidery For A New Year

The design process can be enjoyable and refreshing. Established brands or start-ups alike can take a lot of experience from simply creating a fool proof logo. The major elements are color, font, and symbol. The three of these elements must work together coherently in order to create a winning design. Sometimes you can get away with only using two of the three. No matter the case, at some point or another you will need them to create a new and exciting look. You need the ultimate visual that the hordes of customers will fall head over heels in love with; a sensory blend- colorful, intuitive, and domineering. Use what you learn to the best of your advantage because it will help you reap the benefits in the end.

This new sketch of an idea should be rounded to the T. You cannot get caught realizing that it does not translate well into other media. It may look great on white stationary but does it look so nice when it is embroidered onto staff shirts? You cannot have a symbol meant to represent your company that has potential to look sloppy when it is placed onto company logo shirts.

Color coordination is crucial. Match a backing color to those in the visual concept. You can test out how colors react in programs like Photoshop. Does the company symbol and title “pop” or does it sizzle and fade into the background as if it is being absorbed by a vat of ink. This is important to note.

It is also a good time to check how well the font works with the coloring. A perfect example is how Gap used white font for their dark blue background. However if you noticed, when they place their company name onto shirts they have any number of color combinations. This is simply because they work with the color wheel to determine the best pairings. What made their brand so recognizable was the font. It is clear, crisp, and timeless. There is nothing particularly unique but it portrays just enough sophistication without being stuffy. The interesting thing is how people reacted to the redesign in the last year, which draws us to the conclusion.

Do not change the style so significantly that you shock the system. Consumer comfort is always going to be vital to success. Sometimes a flop can damage the brand reputation. As petty as that sounds it is important to keep that in mind when you decide to redo anything. Always stick to the basics and you should survive a transition.

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